When Mr. F’s landlord tried to illegally evict him, Mr. F, a life-long resident of the Lower East Side now in his 80s, turned to GOLES for help. GOLES not only stopped the eviction and secured Mr. F’s rights to his own home, but also secured a rent freeze for him since he lives on a fixed income.
GOLES is a neighborhood housing and preservation organization that has served the Lower East Side of Manhattan since 1977.
Through our direct services, we serve over 2,000 families each year, and thousands more through our organizing and training and education work.
We work locally, city-wide, and nationally with our allies to build solidarity and collective power to fight against the issues that oppress us and to create the world we want to see.
We believe in social justice.
We are the heart and soul of the Lower East Side.
We are GOLES!