Environmental Justice


GOLES’ Environmental Justice & Public Health initiatives are built around the daily interactions of people and their Lower East Side neighborhood. GOLES, with research supported by the Pratt Institute and the Weill Cornell Medical College, is taking a comprehensive approach to organizing around these issues.

GOLES trains members on the localized and widespread effects of environmental and public health problems, and organizes around environmental justice issues. Monthly workshops and community events provide education and training on how to mitigate negative environmental conditions. A recent community survey of residents identified pests, mold, air quality, and aging sewage infrastructure as key issues. GOLES is working with residents to shape these problems into solid campaigns, and is working in collaboration with other groups to address targeted issues citywide.

For more information on how to get involved in “Environmental and Public Health” campaigns, contact Jeanette Toomer at jeanette@goles.org or call 212-358-1231.