In the Media

In the Media

11/15/2017 – LESEN the LES’ Workforce Referral Network

The idea [of a workforce referral network] was first spearheaded by an alliance of workforce and training nonprofits as well as Community Board 3 in the Lower East Side. In 2007 they formed the Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN), which serves as an entry point for any employer in the neighborhood seeking to find workers, and also fosters collaboration and resource-sharing between each of the participating organizations […] LESEN is currently a collaboration between Manhattan Community Board 3 and eight community-based workforce organizations including the Chinese American Planning Council, Good Old Lower East Side, Grand Street Settlement and others …continue reading.

09/07/2017 – All Hands On Deck to Stop Two Bridges Towers in Lower East Side

It’s been over a year since Councilmember Margaret Chin and Borough President Gale Brewer wrote to the De Blasio administration expressing their concern about the four skyscrapers planned by three private developers in the Two Bridges area of the Lower East Side waterfront. After months of special community engagement meetings, community advocates and residents are not placated; Their concerns have only grown, and they’re making a variety of efforts to prevent….. Read more …

08/24/2017 – ‘You better do a ULURP for Two Bridges towers!’ Activists warn Planning

This three-word chant rang outside the Department of City Planning’s Financial District headquarters on Tuesday morning Aug. 15. Sponsored by four community organizations, the rally was an outlet for residents from the Financial District, Lower East Side and Chinatown to protest the process that developers were told to follow on applications for the construction…….  Read more …

08/16/2017 – Two Bridges advocates concerned 3 skyscraper projects haven’t undergone full city review

Three megaprojects planned in the Two Bridges area of Manhattan have raised the ire of housing advocates in the neighborhood, who contend the Department of City Planning has flouted its own review rules in ushering them along.

In 2016, former City Planning Director Carl Weisbrod decided the three projects — a 660-apartment residence,…..   Read more …

08/16/2017 – Two Bridges residents try to empower their councilwoman to downsize three new apartment towers

Residents opposed to a trio of residential towers planned for the Two Bridges area of Manhattan rallied in front of the Department of City Planning Tuesday for a public review of the projects, a procedure that would effectively hand veto power to City Councilwoman Margaret Chin.

The rally pits community groups, including Good Old Lower East Side and CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, against JDS Development Group, …  Read more …

07/06/2017 – ‘Preferential Rent’: How Landlords Kill NYC’s Affordable Apartments and Get Away With It

Ruth Hippolyte thought she’d gotten a good deal when she found a rent-stabilized one-bedroom apartment near Brooklyn College for $1,395 a month in late 2013. It was low enough that her teacher’s salary could cover both her rent and her son’s college education.

There was a catch, however. Her lease said that the rent was a “preferential rent,” and that the legal rent was $2,204. When it came up…… Read more …