Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Goles organizes, leads and participates in a wide range of activities each month. We lead workshops on tenants’ rights and healthy aging; participate in actions and rallies; organize presentations and Town Hall meetings; conduct trainings for our members; lead environmental justice walking tours, and much more. Please go to our calendar page for a full list of activities and events.

10/16: Housing Justice 4 All (HJ4A) Campaign Launch
Tax the Rich, House the Poor

Washington Irving High School
40 Irving Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA

Join GOLES and Housing Justice for All (HJ4A) in the campaign launch of: Tax the Rich, House the Poor #NYHomesGuarantee.

For more information, email: housingjustice4all@gmail.com

Lanzamiento de campaña: Impuestos para los ricos y vienda para los pobres!

10/17 – Press Conference: Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) Rally

1 Centre Street
New York, NY 10007

Join GOLES and the Rent Justice Coalition for a press conference before the next Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) hearing. Let the RGB know: the tenants are watching! Our voices will not be silenced! If you are interested in coming, please contact Wasim Lone at (212) 533-2541

10/23 – Community Evening Party | Comunidad Fiesta Por La Noche
Smith Houses

Smith Houses TA Room 17 St. James Place, New York, NY 10038
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Discussion will be based on Smith Houses and community concerns.

La discusión se basará en las casas de Smith y las preocupaciones de la comunidad.