Updates & Victories

Updates & Victories

GOLES is engaged in several multi-year campaigns around our main areas of work, and we’ll post periodic campaign updates and wins on this page. We’ll also share some success stories from our direct service work. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, you may want to look at our most recent newsletter  or coverage of our work In the Media.

Land Use Update – 11/09/2017

GOLES recently took important steps in the fight to stop the three proposed luxury developments in the Two Bridges area. In August 2017, GOLES and other local groups formally demanded the NYC Department of City Planning to overturn their decision to allow these developments to skip the usual review process, and instead go through a simpler special process.

The proposed developments are a sign of gentrification reaching the LES waterfront. In order to respond not just these megatowers, but to others that may be proposed in the future, GOLES, along with allies CAAAV and TUFF-LES, is applying to the NYC Department of City Planning to rezone the Waterfront based on the Chinatown Working Group (CWG) plan that community members worked on for nearly a decade. In October 2017 the Land Use Committee of Community Board 3 voted to become co-applicants in this rezoning application.

Rent Regulated Housing Update 11/09/2017

In October, rent regulated tenants in the LES, and all over the city, celebrated a major victory when notorious predatory landlord Steven Croman was sentenced to spend a year in prison at Riker’s Island on criminal charges. Mr. Croman has been called one of the city’s “Worst Landlords” and was known for harassing rent-regulated tenants in order to displace them.

GOLES and the Stop Croman Coalition it supports are now focused on reaching out to and organizing more tenants from Mr. Croman’s 150+ buildings in preparation for the for the civil lawsuit brought by the Attorney General on behalf of the hundreds of tenants harmed and harassed by Mr. Croman.