Land Use

Land Use

GOLES’ “Land Use” work entails engaging in, responding to, and organizing around public processes pertaining to the use of land, zoning, and large–scale development planning on the LES. In doing so, GOLES seeks  to involve residents in shape the future of their neighborhood.

Through organizing and communication efforts, GOLES  builds grassroots leadership, augments the voices of local residents, and promotes community self-determination in major land–use issues. We engage residents through workshops, training, and visioning sessions on how development pressures affect the neighborhood, and how they can organize to respond.

Land Use Committee

GOLES’ Land Use Committee is composed of a group of local residents dedicated to ensuring that they and their neighbors have a say in major Land Use issues in their neighborhood.  Committee members are trained on land use issues and processes; on how to guide GOLES’ Land Use campaigns; developing leadership skills; and more.

Below are some of the Land Use issues/areas we’re currently working on.

Two Bridges Megatowers

GOLES has been organizing with local residents to fight luxury megatowers proposed along the Two Bridges waterfront.  Developers are proposing three tower projects that will bring thousands of luxury housing into a neighborhood built for and by low-income working class residents.  GOLES recognizes that the proposed waterfront projects is a direct result of a growing gentrification push in the LES.  GOLES, working in partnership with other community based organizations and tenant groups, will ensure that the community has the necessary resources and assistance to make their voices are heard and to fight overdevelopment in their communities.

For more information on the Megatowers, and the work of GOLES and other community groups and advocates around this issue, you can visit this dedicated website maintained and updated by the various groups working on this issue.

Chinatown Working Group (CWG) Rezoning

For close to a decade, GOLES has been apart of a community-led neighborhood planning effort, the Chinatown Working Group (CWG) plan.  The CWG plan proposes rezoning and policy recommendation for Chinatown and the surrounding areas that will prevent residential and commercial displacement, preserve significant historic and cultural assets of the neighborhood and ensure all future development will be designed for the community.  GOLES supports the entire comprehensive plan and has been working tirelessly with community members, community based organizations, the community board, and our elected officials to see that this plan become a reality and implemented.   GOLES firmly believe that residents have the right to see their community grow according to their vision and they should be centered in all discussions about their neighborhood.

For more information on how to get involved in “Land Use” campaigns, contact Julian Morales at or call 212-533-2541 ext 27.

For more information on the Two Bridges megatowers, you can visit this dedicated website maintained by GOLES and partner organizations.